Tuesday, 13 May 2008

nordic bakery

Over the last few months since moving to France I've been coming back to London every 6 weeks or so. I've gotten into a little routine of places I visit when I'm back..
On the list of places I always go to is the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square.
Food wise the specialties are open sandwiches on dark rye bread and cinnamon buns. If you're lucky you'll arrive just as a hot batch of buns have been brought up from the kitchen. The smell is pretty impossible to resist!
Design wise it's very Scandinavian in its simplicity and bold use of colour. The walls are nordic pine panelling and behind the counter, a beautiful deep blue. Tables and chairs are black Aalva Aalto and the china is Kaj Franck teema. I suspect the owner is Finnish!
There's also a selection of Scandinavian products including Marimekko bags.
You can see more images here.

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