Thursday, 18 September 2008


I've just come back from visiting a friend who lives in the beautiful forested countryside of Finland. They're living in an old traditional Finnish country house which they're gradually renovating. She showed me this old wooden barn which is on part of their land. The wood has aged to a beautiful silvery grey and is nestled inconspiciously amongst the birch trees.
The door opens with the most enormous old key - to reveal inside a treasure trove of bits and pieces they've collected together from other out buildings on the property.
This old sleigh apparently is in good condition and is on their list of projects to restore for winter sleigh rides!


  1. ah! so beautiful! so beautiful.

    such different tones and light. i love getting glimpses of other places; how wonderful to visit your friend.

    is she documenting the transformation of her house? i hope so.

  2. i'm not so sure she is you know..
    i must checkwith here. it would be such a shame not to have before and after shots!

  3. Sure we are documenting the process :)
    Great photos mary, as usual. I love especially the one with Lili in front of the barn.

  4. are so lucky to have stumbled upon it with your camera...beautiful.

  5. These are such gorgeous photos! Wow. I want to stretch out on that grass or take a peek in that cute little house.