Monday, 13 October 2008

le musée picasso, antibes

The Musée Picasso is situated in the Chateau Grimaldi in Antibe's old town.
Picasso was invited to come to an exhibition here in 1945 and ended up
staying for a year using part of the chateau as a studio. After he left, he gave many of the paintings, drawings and ceramics which he made during his stay, to the chateau. These works formed the basis of the museum.
Whilst the Picasso canvases were interesting one room really caught my attention.
Nicolas de Stael's canvases were new to me. His colourful abstracted paintings are fresh and vibrant. My French friends were surprised that I hadn't heard of him, as he seems to be well known in France.
Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos inside the museum. But his Le Concert (1955) which took up most of one wall is truely beautiful.
The excellent sculpture garden on the terrace looks out over the med.

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