Wednesday, 5 November 2008

concrete honey part I

The artist in residence at Le Merlan cultural centre, Olivier Darné, set up a series of hives on the roof of the building, where bees produced honey from the surrounding estates of Le Merlan, in northern Marseille. He's called his project Miel Béton (Concrete Honey). The honey is in fact very pure, as the bees don't collect any pesticides etc in the city, compared to in the countryside.
His project culminated in an hommage to the sun with cellist maurice Chaudière on the roof of Le Corbusier's Cité Radieuse. This was followed by tasting of the honey and a series of films screened on the original concrete outdoor screen designed by Corbusier.
I'll put images of the evening at La Cité Radieuse up on the next post.
It was very good on toast for breakfast!


  1. How nice you could attend a soirée on the roof of Cité Radieuse!

    I can't believe city honey is less toxic than the real campagne thing, incredible.

    I was also in Marseille a few years ago and found la "Maison du fada" quite astounding.

  2. this looks so wonderful.
    some of my favourite things - honey and le corbusier,

  3. Hi - my blog is called concrete & honey so I googled it and you came up. I love your photos and your blog! and most of all I love that you challenge yourself to post original photos - fresh images - we can't get enough!