Thursday, 2 July 2009


Skandium is one of my favourite shops and it's on my regular list of places to visit when I'm in London. I walk around planning what I'd buy if I won the lottery!
On my last visit I found these little thorsten van elten door stoppers. They come in an array of colours and I came away very happy without having spent a fortune!
I've been looking for a clever design to stop the wind slamning the doors shut in our apartment. It's also much neater than the random piles of books we've used previously.
The story of this designer is over here.


  1. hi Mary, nice to meet you! i thought i'd visit you over here, and i like your blog a lot.

    your pictures are lovely, they remind me of my holiday two years ago, driving from marseille to nice.
    are you english living in france or french having lived in the uk? (i'm german...)
    i hope i'll see some more of the english countryside on sunday (after having lived in london 2 1/2 years i still i have to admit i haven't seen that much of it...).
    wish you a nice weekend!

    ps: i have that problem with skandium too...

  2. christine - lovely to meet you too!
    i'm actually a new zealander<;
    i lived in london for a long time and then nearly 2 years ago moved to montpellier to be with my french boyfriend - now hubby :)
    i know what you mean about not getting out of london. i was the same when i lived there.
    when the weather's great in summer, London is a brilliant place to be!

  3. Oh that's quite a clever idea.
    I stop the doors with books for now... I have my best friend in London this week end, maybe i'll tell him to get me one back !!!
    Have a lovely week end Mary !