Sunday, 20 September 2009

into the woods

As part of The London Design Festival the Chelsea Space is exhibiting a collection of Finnish glass design from Iittala, curated by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen. The exhibition has some rare and extraordinarily beautiful pieces on loan from the design Museum in Helsinki and from Iittala's own collection.
The last image shows pieces Harri has designed for Iittala's Art Works series.


  1. this is cool, but i don't understand why it's called 'into the wood'.

  2. I would love to offer myself an Alvar Aalto piece one day !!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful pictures. As usual.

  3. oh my oh my! i get over excited just by imagining myself going there. i love the way you captured these beautiful glasswares!

  4. anna - yes, that wasn't very clear! it's the title of the exhibition -
    'into the woods : an exploration of iittala'

    marion - well you could always start a collection of his glass ware. it's not as expensive as his furniture!

    hiki - thanks! the good thing is that some of it is still in production and iittala is always introducing beautiful pieces.

  5. wow, these glass pieces are so beautiful. i would love to have seen this exhbition!