Sunday, 18 October 2009

le corbusier à roquebrune cap martin

Last week I finally was in the right place at the right time to be on a tour of Le Corbuiser's Cabanon at Roquebrune Cap Martin.
From the train station at Roquebrune I walked down a flight of steep stairs to the beach. It was Friday earlish in the morning and I'd not had breakfast
as I'd thought I'd easily find a café. In fact there was no café in Roquebrune other than a beach café closed for the season. However, there was a guy alone at one of the café tables eating his petit dej. It turned out he was the owner and he offered to bring me a café, along with a pile of old clippings and info about Le Cabanon. After my café I climbed back up to the train station - the meeting spot for the beginning of the tour.

I was so excited to see the Cabanon I'd read so much about. Although the cabin itself was interesting, I think he refined his ideas more perfectly in the camping cabins also on the site. These are photos from these little cabins.The play of light on the bright red, blue and yellow he used, against the deep blue of the med, was superb.

I'll show images of Le Corbusier's cabin in another post.


  1. amazing! what a great post and story.

  2. MARY !

    Perfection there you are.

    Merci !

  3. oh not again! both you and marion make me so jealous with these!
    there also was a life-sized mock up of this cottage at the Le Corbuseier exhibition i went to in Tokyo last last year, but oh this looks so much better (of course, should not compare)!!

  4. Mary,
    It's me again !!!
    What about la villa E1027 ??? Tell me you've been there :!:!

  5. hiki - i've read about the 'touring cabanon'. it's only 16msq after all :)

    marion - i wish! i just saw snippets of it from the cabanon site.
    however, the lady taking us around told us that E-1027 is being restored and will be open to the public at some point in the near future!

  6. sounds and looks like a lovely morning! you seem to be going on the best excursions recently... love the colours here! I kinda wish I could re-decorate now and be a bit braver with my colour choices...

  7. The near future ?
    YOUPI !!!!!!!!!! Ca c'est cool !

  8. famapa - have you seen this?!

  9. i love this post, mary. your photos capture the beautiful colors of the place, but also the quiet of it all and the quiet appreciation you had for it.

    a lovely mood.

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  11. hi anna - i was on a tour so it was a case of snapping when no one was in the frame :)