Monday, 30 November 2009

I'm still struggling to work on an ancient pc while i wait for my new powerbook. It's somewhat cramping my style and it's one reason I haven't been posting much recently.
As I can't post any new photos, it's a good opportunity to do this tag of '7 things I love' from the lovely Marion at L'inventaire de l'esthétique. I'd love to illustrate these 7 things with photos but this photo grabbed from flickr will have to do for now.

1. Le petit déj outside in a café anywhere in France.

2. Remembering first seeing the northern lights in Lapland. Magical!

3. Living in Europe and having endless possibilities of places to travel to by train.
Speaking as a girl who has previously always lived on islands - this is huge.

4. This turquoise colour of the hydro lakes in New Zealand.

5. That fleeting feeling that the world has changed a little, after coming out from seeing a really good film.

6. Being up early in the morning light - especially with a camera.

7. Anticipating and planning a trip somewhere new.

I'll tag Lea, Melanie and Celine.


  1. beautiful post! marion tagged me too, but my list isn't anywhere near as poetic as yours.

    i can totally relate to all your seven loves. and i really have to remind myself of the endless travel opportunities in europe. kind of forgetting that one all too often.

  2. a beautiful list.
    thanks for the tag. i'm going to play in photos.. it may take me a while though. busy week ahead :)

  3. thanks for the tag mary! a beautiful list you have made - i agree with melanie! i will do it as soon as i can. hope you soon get your computer back - you must miss it terribly.

  4. what a beautiful picture and a post!
    the third thing you wrote here of what you like, yes it makes me really jealous speaking as a girl who lives in a country that is made of islands (and sooooo far away from europe!)!!
    getting on the eurostar in london to go to paris was so easy and was just unbeliavable!

  5. oh, that is such a wonderful and inspiring list. i have a huge dream to see the northern light. one day...

    and the train rides... i am from denmark, but now living in israel. i remember the feeling of just being able to enter a train or a car and drive into the world. here it's pretty limited where you can drive to.

  6. Ah le petit déj !!!!
    We share the same #1... SO fun !!!!

    Hope you'll have the new mac soooooon !
    Lovely day to you Mary !

  7. shame about your pc but i'm glad you managed to add in a stunning photo of nz!
    your comment about that feeling you get when you come out of a film is so true, and i'm glad it's not only me which feels it!

  8. i love breakfast outside, too! i hope you get your computer soon...

  9. number five is such a lovely sentiment.

  10. hello mary!
    I hope you get your faster computer soon! I get really really frustrated with slow computers! grr*!!

    wow! I am just trying to imagine the opposites of living on an island to living somewhere where almost everywhere is accessible by train!! what opposites!

    thanks for tagging me. Will play soon! promise!

  11. hey! thanks for commenting on my post. great to see another lovely NZ away from home on the blogosphere. lovely blog btw. oh an no unfortunately I havent read the book! will have to find the time now though!

  12. Hi Mary - love your blog and pics and aesthetic. Hope you don't mind I posted about you on my site and linked. I totally agree with you that it's so wonderful to have access to so many places so readily. Sadly my husband the Brit would rather live in America! Meanwhile his brother the Londoner is popping off to Senegal for Christmas! Noone does that in America!