Wednesday, 30 December 2009

noël market

On Boxing Day morning we wandered around the centre of Aix en Provence and came across various markets with their products all so beautifully displayed.


  1. Oh I know well those macarons !!
    I used to buy some before going to work.

    You make Aix so beautiful Mary.
    Have a very beautiful end of the year.

  2. I love the light in your pictures.
    everything looks delicious!
    I think I need another christmas cookie now.

  3. I love these photos Mary!
    christmas looks so beautiful in this market.
    i like that all the clementines still have their leaves on.

  4. merry christmas!
    those markets look amazing! such a huge contrast in the way products are displayed compared to hong kong markets!
    what is the second photo of?

  5. looks like the best type of markets!

  6. so nice to have you back here on your blog! i just adore your photographs :)
    and oh those macarons!!!!!!! miam miam! i want to go to these lovely.

    Well have a wonderful new year's eve and Happy New Year Mary!

  7. Happy New Year everyone & thanks for all your comments!

    Sekimachihato - they're called Canele and are pastries from Bordeaux.

  8. these photos let me imagine the atmosphere. and that bread! oh...

  9. Oh Provence, I love this place! I need to read through your blog, it seems so interesting.

    I'm living in Provence too and I'm originally from Finland.

    / Sini