Monday, 8 February 2010

la poste

After 2 years in France, I'm almost used to posting letters in yellow post boxes.
For me letter boxes really should be red!

Some more Côte d'Azur winter light from last week.


  1. Beautiful photographs as ALWAYS!
    Letterboxes here in japan are always red, and I think in Australia they had yellow ones for express mails but normally they are red. In china they were green! Interesting isn't it!

  2. they were yellow in spain too! I was really really really confused! I was trying to send a postcard home...and I had to ask a local if it was the right box to put it in!
    I think it should be red too!

  3. oh, such beautiful colors in your pictures!
    german post boxes are yellow too, but here in the US they're dark blue and almost impossible to find!