Saturday, 20 February 2010

Neue Nationalgalerie

I've recently had a slide film developed that had been in my camera for over 6 months! So I spent last night scanning slides - including lots of old ones from years ago. I found these shots I took of details from Mies van der Rohe's New National Gallery in Berlin.
They're not brilliant shots but they remind me old how much i loved the building & how much I'd like to go back and have another go at photographing it.


  1. but these are wonderful - they've got so much atmosphere!

    you should come in spring or summer, when it's not so cold... :)

  2. kristina - thank you! you know i might just plan a trip in the spring :)

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  4. The previous comment crashed so I start it again...

    Ohlalala !
    Not brilliant ? oh dear they are !!!
    Yes, I hope you'll manage to go back there when the city is less coooooooooold !!!
    Mies & you it's always beautiful!
    Lovely week end Mary !

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  6. hi marion - merci bien! i hope you're having a nice restful weekend, with lots of home cooked provençial goodness!

  7. I love mies. We have one building by mies in my city, and it takes my breath away everytime I see it in the skyline.
    I have only seen this building at night. I love the details. great shots.