Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I used to go to the cinema at the Renoir a lot when I lived in London. It's in the Brunswick centre; a 60s housing estate and shoppng centre at Russell Square. It used to be pretty undown with most of the shops empty. A few years ago it underwent a complete overhaul. The concrete estate has been cleaned up and looks great. The shopping centre is now mega busy and simply looks like any other High St. I think I prefered it when it was slightly shabby. The Renoir however hasn't changed and looks just as fine.
I saw this French film and thought it was pretty excellent.


  1. what a fantastic, cool facade! i don't think i've ever been.

  2. Fun, the cinema in Aix is called le Renoir too...
    I loved the pictures. As usual !

  3. that is one fine cinema!
    love the sharp lines and stark colors.
    but tell me, does it have nice leather armchairs? that's one luxury i enjoy!

  4. no, but they were velvet!

  5. Wow, love these photos! Never been to that cinema...Must check it out. xx

  6. thank you so much for your comment, thus letting me know about you!
    and i like YOUR photography! i hope you don't mind if i link to your blog, so that i can come back here when i have more time..
    nice to meet you :)
    ps: i just LOVE the first photo in this post!

  7. thank you ieva!
    i've linked you also :)

  8. cool. thanks for the tip. looks like a great place to see a film! hope you had a good time in london.

  9. seriously, this is the best looking cinema I have ever seen.
    love the type in the entrance.

  10. these are great!! I really like the last one!
    beautiful blog!


  11. gorgeous cinema...and what great films are playing there!!!