Wednesday, 14 April 2010

le cabanon revisited

Some more images from Le Corbusier's cabanon at Roquebrune Cap Martin.
The light and reflections in this tiny space were superb.


  1. OUI OUI OUI !
    J'adore, j'adore, j'adore.
    Comme d'habitude !

  2. ah, i'm so jealous... what beautiful light you were having. and such a wonderful place. i hope i can see it one day.

  3. Ah the magic of such an abandoned place!

  4. what an awesome hideout/retreat!
    is this place now like a museum? (that's not the word i'm looking for... a monument?)
    i didn't know who le corbusier was so i just looked him up. wow, what a man.
    on wiki it said that he died while swimming here at roquebrune cap martin...

  5. i like anything distressed - wooden windows, frames, tables...very French country chic. then i mix it in with super modern minimalist furniture. i like that kind of tension.

  6. You've captured such a sense of tranquility in the last three photos.