Monday, 4 July 2011

coffee & cameras

I met Marion & Robert for breakfast on a very rainy morning in Paris a couple of weeks ago.
You can see her side of the table here.

kodak elitechrome 100eb


  1. great choice of cafe, not that I can say I have been there but it look like my kinda place!
    this post makes me wanna pull out my vintage cameras again... If only I had the time!

    did you go shopping at A.P.C too? love that brand!

  2. I love your shots!! and marion's shirt ;)

  3. j'adore. yes her shirt is beautiful. and i should paint my nails more often. so photogenic!

  4. these are so lovely! i'm a bit jealous i couldn't be there to join you. maybe some other time...!

  5. I love your shots! Great choice of cafe too!

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