Thursday, 27 November 2008

saved by the peg

Yesterday my mac died, it wouldn't reboot no matter what I tried.
Lucky for me F heroically resuscitated it after spending all evening and the next morning rebooting it.

I was mightily relieved as I've a lot of work to do on my mac this week.

The saga of the long demise of my power book began over a year ago when the screen started behaving oddly and I was told it wasn't worth fixing.
I've been holding out since then and saving my pennies for a new one but a few weeks ago things took a turn for the worse when the screen finally gave up the ghost. Somehow it would only come into focus with my finger pushing onto the screen.
F saw this and promptly clipped a peg onto it. So obvious (to him) and such a brilliant solution.
However, my computer woes were not over when later in the afternoon I noticed smoke coming out of the adapter - not good.
Another evening spent by F who managed to rewire the plug.

My mac survives to live another day or hopefully just until I finish my photo editing and can leave it behind to quietly rest in peace while I'm in New Zealand..

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