Tuesday, 13 January 2009


While in Hong Kong I was reminded of how much I love their city taxis. There is something about them that reminds me of those 1960s saturated colour films.
Hong Kong's taxis are so cheerful and friendly looking with their boxy shape and lettering in both chinese and english
The best cities have taxis that become icons - London's black cab, New York's yellow taxis.. Do you have any favourite city taxis?
I didn't take taxis growing up in New Zealand (there was no need) and so even now it's always a bit exciting to take one. For me taxis are usually associated with a special night out or visiting a new place - at any rate something a bit out of the ordinary and special.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    Hope you had a great tirp!

    Hong Kong's taxi looks really nice... very modern and clean looking.

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