Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I've been tagged by the lovely natsumi for '6 things that make me smile'.
So here goes..
1. The view from the Astro Café, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.
2. Walking in the New Zealand bush and smelling the forest.
3. Discovering new viaducts to cross.
4. Cinnamon buns and coffee at the Nordic Bakery in London.
5. The signs in the botanical gardens on Hong Kong island.
6. Nice mail.

I tag tinaskiwi


  1. weeeeee! that's me! i like your list. i've been to beijing once and oh how i smiled about all those funnily worded signs, and also about the names of cafes and bars.

  2. I love your list!! It mush be so nice if I could vist and have some tea at Astro Café. This view makes me smile too!! ox

  3. tina - yes, the signs are often just slightly wrong which makes them so cute
    lucie - merci!
    natsumi - i'd love to go to the Astro Café with you! it's a brilliant place. takes a bit of getting to but worth it once you're there!!

  4. ooh great list.
    now i'm craving a cinnamon bun!

  5. yum yum
    i love the cinnamon buns from nordic. melissa (tiny happy) and i went there in december!