Wednesday, 26 August 2009

le tholonet

Le Tholonet is a hamlet just outside Aix en Provence on the way to Saint Victoire, the famous mountain of Cezanne's paintings. There's not much here apart from a bar, restaurant and boules ground - however, these are exactly the 3 things you really need in a French village. It's the third week of a heatwave in the south of France and so people don't tend to go out much until the light starts to change to the soft pink, particular to Provence. This is a beautiful village to sit with a glass of rosé filled with ice blocks, nibble on some anchovie flavoured olives and watch as the light changes and families start games of boules.


  1. sounds like a wonderful time. i've spent some time in arles and i can just feel the heat and taste the olives you talk about!

  2. oh, I'm so jealous, such a beautiful landscape, and rosé with ice sounds great.
    that soft evening light is just perfect!

  3. Mary, stop this please.
    This is where I did my first steps... And I'm going each year to Le Salon de Antiquaires next to the pavillion you are showing.
    Oh God, I wish I could be there right now instead of being at work...

  4. marion - wow - i'm impressed that you took your first steps in such a lovely palce. that's style!!
    we're back in montpellier now, so i'll stop with provence for a bit now. it's just so beautiful!
    i didn't know about Le salon de Antiquaires - it looks like fun.
    is the one at Le Tholonet a good one to go to?

  5. Yep I grew up with style ! ;-))
    Yep, definitely for Le Tholonet. It's beautiful, quite expensive but some stuff could be affordable.
    I love your pictures of Provence, I have the impression I discover new things even if I know the region very very well !!!!

  6. this sounds like such a wonderful summer memory.