Friday, 22 January 2010

fade to grey

Due to my alighting from the wrong tube station, I made an unplanned walk through Hyde Park yesterday. Deciding I had the time and more than enough inclination to walk across the park to Mayfair, I found myself passing the newly restored Serpentine Bar & Restaurant overlooking the Serpentine Lake, where the intrepid Serpentine Swimmers brave the cold water & dodge duck poo.

The restaurant was designed by the modernist architect Patrick Gwynne
in 1964. It's a building I've always loved, with it's Japaneseque tent like roof appearing to hover like a bird's outstreached wings.


  1. So beautiful Mary!
    These are like colour b/w photographs, it that makes sense at all...
    I would love to sit at that chair looking over the water, only it might be quite cold though?

  2. haven't been there in a long time. it looks gorgeous now!

  3. The third and fourth photos are so engaging, they suck you right into the place! And in the third photo that bit of roof suddenly brought to mind a nun's wimple.

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog, its amazing. I wanted to tell you that. Vous semblez être une photographe très intéressante et talentueuse. Is it your job or just a hobby ?
    cheers from Québec

  5. you will have to get off at the wrong station again in spring!
    looks like a great spot to watch the day go by.

  6. Thanks everyone!
    I loved this moody grey light of wintery London.

    Dwight - merci bien. Oui, je suis photographe.

  7. thanks for your comment! it made me discover your blog, and your wonderful pics! i love this series, such a peaceful feeling, and the light is really beautiful!