Wednesday, 13 January 2010

snow time

The only thing that's possibly more fun than playing with kids in the snow, is watching a couple of over excited labradors frolicking!

Thanks for all your comments. I made it over to London with no hitches. I would travel by train everywhere if i could. It's much the best way to travel.


  1. How cute! I especially love the first one

  2. i don't have any luck when trying to capture dogs (let alone excited frolicking dogs!) on camera...
    you obviously know the trick!!
    these dogs sure look happy, great to see!!

  3. Now everyone seems to be in snow! We don't get much of it here in Tokyo (luckily) but I'm enjoying seeing the snow photographs :)
    Dogs playing in snow, so cute!

  4. Dogs are such cheerful creatures! The first and last photos are particularly fun.
    I agree; if the train's comfortable, train travel is a great way to watch the world go by.