Monday, 1 March 2010


What could be better than a surprise weekend away in Barcelona?!
Instead of driving to Provence for the weekend (as I'd thought we were doing) we headed in the other direction towards Spain!
So I'm back re-energised by a weekend away in a big city. We walked and walked, ate lots of great tapas and drank lots of good coffee. Of course I managed to fit in a visit to Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion.


  1. ah Barcelone !
    Lucky you...

  2. je sais! it was a good end to a crappy month!

  3. oh I'm SO jealous!
    love your pictures, they capture the
    spirit of bcn perfectly. makes me want to visit again soon!

  4. merci pour ton commentaire si pertinent sur notre blog Mary!

  5. This is why i wish I lived in europe! OMG! I loved barcelona!
    the pavillion, so stunning in person.

    lucky you!!

  6. driving to spain. just imagining being able to drive makes we wanna leap up with joy (i don't own a car here...) but to then drive to somewhere like barcelona! awwww

  7. christine - thanks. i can't believe why we haven't made it there before as it's only 3 and a half hour drive!

    celine - i've lots of photos of the pavilion which i'll post :)

    mr sekimachihato - me too! i still get VERY excited driving in europe. it blows my mind that i can drive to so many countries. i guess it comes from growing up on islands!

  8. I agree: the cafés con leche in Barcelona are some of the best I've had!

  9. The first and the third picture are my favorites, because I like the geometric colors which compose them :)