Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Less is More

It was very difficult narrowing my photos of Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion down to only a few images. I could devote so many postings to this building. It's a perfect structure to photograph and to be in.
In the end I decided to pick a few details to show you. The luxury of the marble walls, the white leather chairs, the stainless steel cruciform pillars, the glass and the velvet of the red curtains, are all heightened by the simplicity of the architecture.

And yes I did buy the 'Less is More' tee-shirt in the bookshop.


  1. I am litteraly dying in front of my screen. Because of the amazing shots, because of the amazing light, because of the amazing tee shirt.
    I'm dead.
    Beauty killed me !

  2. PS : I do love your new profile picture...

  3. I love the second last photo. Is it marble?
    Mies, is a legend.

  4. you sure know how to make marble look spectacular!
    my bathroom is made from marble (not my choice) so i thought i was a bit sick of seeing marble until your post.

  5. Wonderful photos, such interesting textures and patterns!

  6. marion - are you still there??! merci comme d'hab.

    celine - he is a legend!

    mr sekimachihato - i don't usually like marble but i guess it works here cause it's in big monumental slabs.

    danya - thank you!