Friday, 9 July 2010

day tripper

It's thanks to Marion that I saw this superb exhibition on Tuesday and what a brilliant excuse to take the train to Marseille for the day. I wandered around Le Panier, had lunch at la Caravelle & then saw the exhibiton with Marion later on in the afternoon.
It was brilliant to meet her finally. She's a great gal; as I knew she would be. Funny and sweet and of course très chic!
If you haven't found her exquisite blog yet, then I suggest you do so tout de suite!

Thank you for all your comments on my Japanese posts. Bear with me, as I 've got a few more up my sleeve yet.


  1. oh lucky you!!!
    and double luck for the exhibtion and having lunch at la!
    more japan! ;))

  2. Such a sweet and inspiring post!

  3. wow the second shot is awesome!!
    and i love the pair with the shot of the glass water with bubbles :) it was so soothing to see in such a hot evening in tokyo!

  4. where is this exhibition in Marseille?