Monday, 29 November 2010

more autocord musings

I really loved my couple of days experimenting with the autocord. Thank you Chris!
This camera forces you to slow down completely. I love the poetic nature of it. The autocord is certainly not a camera that likes to be rushed.
I did find it quite tricky to line shots up. I guess I like my verticals vertical & horizontals horizontal.
Next time I'll use a tripod and try some portraits.
In any case I'm keeping my eye on ebay for 6x6 cameras.

What are your favourite medium format cameras?


  1. I still yearn for my beloved Yashica Mat 124g. Did much of my O and A level Photography on that camera and still the best portrait camera I ever had. x

  2. great photos, the one from the bridge is gorgeous

  3. always very soothing to look at your photos, i like your composition as well. and the light. :)

  4. i really really like these.
    my boyfriend got me a flexaret automat for my birthday, and i hope to start playing with it next week. before that i was thinking about buying a pentacon six tl. so far the only medium format i've used is a holga...

  5. The only medium format I've used is the holga... which I love... but I'm also interested in trying out a "real" one. Beautiful photos. So calm.

  6. i appreciate the time you took to experiment...and i love the results! ;))

  7. what a great job you did with a new camera.
    and i know what you mean about liking your verticals vertical and your horizontals horizontal. i'm like that when i put pen to paper.

    * i left you a comment on your pumps birthday post but i see it's not there.
    you wern't forgotten! happy birthday!

  8. Love that first image. I borrowed a Mamiya for a while and then another spiffy medium format in a big case (nice bells and whistles...), but can't recall the make. Experimenting with my Holga was fun too. It's been a long time... Hope you find an e-bay 6x6 that you like.

  9. Pffff, i had a 6x6... It disapered i don't know where...
    i am sad... (it was long time ago, so...).

  10. I see why you like it, the shots are lovely.