Saturday, 13 November 2010

slide film

Some film shots on the Rollei 35 from the summer in Italy.

Fujichrome Sensia 100


  1. The first one is so strange... (but i like it).

  2. you know how much i do love this camera, do you ?

  3. what can I say.... magic!
    I think the second one is my favorite.
    I saw I am Love this summer, and was thinking of it while being in Milan
    such beautiful images...

  4. Wow.. I'm so impressed. The last one in quite amazing, I love that the main subject is just looming in the background. Pretty awesome!

  5. love the rich blacks!
    great compositions :))

  6. these are absolutely wonderful! love the slightly muted tones and the compositions.

    p.s.: thanks for your comment! it took me a while to get used to the pentax ME, but now i love it. it's definitely not as versatile as fully manual cameras, but really compact. it's a loan from my man, actually - complete with a vintage 85 mm lens. a 50 mm would be a dream, of course...