Wednesday, 5 January 2011

au marché

I was given a new-old Canon film camera for Christmas. I'd been wanting a film camera with which I could use my EF lens. The EOS 30 isn't the most beautiful of cameras it must be said, being one of the last film cameras before canon went digital. The idea was to try and combine the effects of film with the sharpness of my canon lens. These are some shots from the test roll taken during the holidays.
I'm looking forward to 2011 being a year of much film experimentation.

We didn't go far over the Christmas break so most of the roll were photos taken at various markets we went to. These are from our local organic market at Les Arceaux.

fuji pro400


  1. lovely photos. and those cheeses make me hungry...

  2. beautiful photographs making me feel like the fruit markets in winter might not be so bad afterall.

  3. super sharp! and wow...never would have thought it was a 400asa.
    cheers to film experimenting!!

  4. Great pics .... and yummy cheese !!!

  5. lucky you! looks like this new-old camera is doing a fine job!

    mmm, that cheese looks delish.
    i'm so on a cheese roll at the moment. i'm over-eating new zealand's supurb blue cheeses.

  6. but they are beautiful photographs even if the box isn't exactly eye candy!
    I've often thought about picking up a late film camera for experimenting with…..hmmmm….perhaps I will!

  7. hi suzie. you really should!
    people are practically giving them away :)

  8. So, you're an hybrid girl too !!!
    I did the other way, and the problem was the focus... not easy (but mixing a nixon lens with a canon body).
    Anyway, have fun !

  9. I had an apartment in the rue Condorcet (am now back in the u.s.) and I dearly miss having that market right outside my door! Must get back to France, right away...
    So nice to see these pictures with that little glimpse of the old, familiar archway.