Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Gruissan des Chalets is a small beach town with characteristic beach huts on stilts. It's where Betty Blue or 37.2ºC le Matin was filmed.
It was actually the first proper adult French film I saw years ago in New Zealand. I remember it more for it's exotic setting than for the antics of Béatrice Dalle.

fuji pro 160


  1. something very odd about a winter-beach. I'm drawn to it but I don't know why...
    that film sounds quite interesting, will have to see if I can get it out on DVD over here.

  2. superb!
    and i loved that film!!! thanks for reminding me! ;))

  3. my mum LOVES betty blue. i am not quite sure if i have seen it or not, i thought i did, but would have been years ago.

    ps: YAY for small beach towns. and: i love that photo series, can't say it often enough...

  4. gorgeous, I especially love the top photo……love the space and light.

  5. That first picture's just perfect!

  6. So pretty! I love Winter beach photos!

  7. I have a child souvenir of holidays there and the top picture is exactly what I remember !

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, Mary.

    And Betty Blue! I remember that -- had the poster, even. Seems like so long ago.

    Anyway, love the mood here.