Sunday, 2 October 2011

Brunswick House Café

Brunswick House Cafe is an 18th century mansion sandwiched between all the horrible new apartment developments along the river at Vauhall Bridge
. It's a gem and completely unique.
You can read the Time Out review here.
I hadn't realised how much I'd missed eating these little Portuguese custard tarts in the second to last shot. I used to have them regularly while living in South London as it's an area with a big Portuguese


  1. wonderful wonderful photos. especially the last one is magical. (i love those tarts too!)

  2. what a place.

    love seeing your b/w impressions of london, these are extra beautiful.

    (i often had pastel del nata at the portuguese bakery on golborne road, they were delish.)

  3. Wished I lived in London!

  4. nothing like a portuguese tart!
    your post made me realize how much I miss them too. they could be found all over hong kong.

  5. I lived in Brixton for 6 years in a road just opposite to one of those wonderful portoguese cafes, I used to go often for coffee and pasteis de nata :)

  6. wonderful set of black and whites!

  7. love the intimacy you capture!
    and beautiful tones!

  8. Such a nice place, I love the bar in the second photo ! those tarts looks delicious :)