Friday, 11 November 2011

Il pleut sur la ville

It's been a very wet autumn so far down this way.

The official posters for the London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics have been announced.
Rachel Whiteread's one is clever. Gary Hume's is beautiful but I cannot see the connection with sport. For me though, Howard Hodgkin's is the pick of them.


  1. I enjoy the simplicity of your photos. That top one is my favourite.

  2. i agree with alexandria!

    love the poster series, i'm a bit partial to the bridget riley and the gary hume, but you are right, no real connection to sport. still, great series.

    sending you some autumn sunshine for the weekend!

  3. I love the 2 first pics. Great !

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  5. Does the title of this blog post allude to Verlaine's infamous poem?

  6. (hope you had a great time in le Corbu...). Lucky you !!!

  7. salut mary!! I read your blog since a few months and I thoght I would write a comment just to tell you that your pictures are really beautiful and inspiring!! Life looks so beautiful through your beautiful pictures!! Lots of kisses,