Thursday, 18 October 2012

Villa Kerylos

I've posted from the Villa Kerylos before but as we sometimes stay in the area, it's a spot I often go back to - this time with a black & white film in the camera.

Each piece of the furniture is an exact copy of a Grecian original.
The woven leather work is especially beautiful.


  1. I love the inherent humility in a stool juxtaposed with that ornate work in the floors, walls & ceilings. What a beautiful spot (and great photos, too!)

  2. great choice in going with the B&W film.
    I envy your escape destinations!

  3. Óh Mary thats a gorgeous place ! I love the light with the b&w film...

  4. wow look at those mosaic tiles on the floor, they are so amazing!
    love seeing your beautiful photos in b&w :)


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