Friday, 20 January 2012

The Seal Nursery

Just north of Kaikoura, where the Southern alps come down to meet the sea, about a 150m walk up into the bush, is a place where mother seals & their pups climb up along a mountain stream to this waterfall.
The babies play here, under the watchful eyes of one or two adults, while the rest of the mothers go out to sea to fish for the day.

The seal pups are only a couple of months old at this time of year and are still too small to go to nursery.
But the short climb up was worth it just for this view.


  1. holy cow. unreal, mary!

  2. what an amazing story, never heard anything like it before. and what a wonderful picture!

    hope you are having a wonderful time.

  3. that is just so great
    thank you for this huge smile you your story has given me this morning :)

  4. the story is fantastic mary, and the photo...what a light!

  5. Amazing story Mary! I've been to Kaikoura few years ago to see the whales! I loved this area, it was beautiful!